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If you are planning on a trip or vacation to the beach, chances are you have a long list of things to try to remember to pack. That makes the both of us. But somehow, I always end up down at the beach wishing I had thought of some of these beach items.

When my family vacations to the beach, we spend most of our time there, so I try to make sure I have everything to make the day easy for us all. These are all beach items that I either forget, or always wish I had. If you spend a lot of your time at the beach, these will beach items will change your life!

10 Beach Items Your Didn’t Think Of

Beach Items

Shell Collecting Bag

Never fails. You take a quick walk on the beach and before you know it, you (or your kids) are holding pockets full of shells….and you don’t even have pockets! We always end up going home with shells thrown in bottles, pockets, bags, and suitcases. Never again. These shell collecting bags are cute, and you will be relived to have all your beach finds in one place.

Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

How many times have you seen people chasing umbrellas down the beach? Oh, one of those people was probably me. I am not good at getting those things to stay put. That’s why I bought one of these bad boys. This helps to brace your umbrella to keep it from teetering back and forth in the wind. Absolutely genius.

Plastic Jar for sand collecting

beach items

I always find myself running to a store to find something to put sand in. We love creating a cute jar or box when we get home with sand and shells labeled with the year. If this is something your family does as well, save the time and money and buy some break proof jars to fill up now to have ready.

Waterproof Phone Bag

beach items

We love taking beach pictures, and lets face it, when you are away from home on vacation you like to have your phone close in case something happens. But, you also have to be careful to not get sand in your phone speaker or get splashed with water. I ordered these phone bags two years ago for hiking trips and have ended up using them so much. I even take cool underwater pictures in the pool with them!

Beach Umbrella Hooks

beach items

Everything always ends up sandy. Your bags. Your feet. The towels. I saw someone with these last time we vacationed. This slides over your beach umbrella pole and has hooks to hang your towels and bags or whatever. Towels are bound to get a bit sandy. Hang them on these hooks and let the wind blow the sand out!

Watering Can

Okay, hear me out on this one. If you have to walk a distance to the beach, or even drive, you don’t want to do it with sandy feet. Fill the watering can up before you walk back to your car, and as soon as you are on pavement, wash your feet off. Another hack, is a gallon jug with small holes punched in the lid.

Valuables Hider

When you are on vacation, a lot of times you are leaving your room carrying your most valuable things. Keys, room key, money. Its hard to enjoy your time on the beach while standing over your things constantly. These hidden compartment containers are amazing. Make sure you are buying one that fits the kind of things you will take on the beach, and if you carry a bag, take it out and leave it lay. That way, if someone is going to quickly grab your bag, they aren’t taking your valuables.

Sand Proof Blanket

beach items

Being able to sit somewhere not covered in sand is nice. Not having to pack chairs is even nicer. My whole family can sit on this and still have room. It cleans off easily, and folds up to fit in your hand.

Beach Towel Chair Clips

I regret not having these every time we go to the beach. Use them to keep your towel on your chair, to hang them out to dry, and to keep stuff from flying away. Easiest decision I have made for our vacation.

beach items

Mesh laundry bag

beach items

This one really was an “Ah ha” moment for me. One thing you know that you will bring back from the beach with you every time. Sand. I carried a nice tote bag with our towels in it to and from the beach. But when we would get back to the hotel room, there would always be this insane amount of sand in our stuff.

One day, I had my husband stop at the dollar store there, and I grabbed one of these giant laundry bags for $1. When we packed our stuff up on the beach, I would just give this bag a good shake all the way back to the car. It drastically reduced the amount of sand we were taking back with us. Plus, as I packed out things to go home, it was used to hold all our dirty laundry, which made it easier to sort and wash when we got home!

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