Legitimate Freebies

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Legitimate Freebies

I started learning how to score legitimate freebies when I was 18 ( over 12 years ago) and fresh out of high school…and broke. I left a bad home situation with nothing but my clothing and a job at McDonalds. My (now husband) and I were busting our butts just to make rent and utilities.

I remembered one of my high school teachers challenging my class to find free stuff. I was blow away. What did he mean, to go ask people for free stuff? But he opened our eyes to the crazy amount of free stuff you could get from companies. They want you to try their products! Heck, some will even pay you to do it. And there are survey companies that will pay you to take a survey regarding products. I was broke and was pretty desperate to save us some money, and possibly get some of our needs met while I was at it.

Through trial and error, I ended up having a TON of success. Over the years I have scored us tons of free products (you can check them out here). Coupons that have saved us thousands, and I also ended up earning us enough money from survey sites to keep us afloat through job loss, children, etc.

I want to help you do the same!

I was hearing from people, thinking it was all scams. People saying they never get anything free. And that just seemed so crazy to me. Free stuff is everywhere and its so easy to get. I started helping people get started here and there and I started seeing some of the things that had people confused and worried. I knew it was time to show you all how to score legitimate freebies.

Below are links to every product/sample/testing site that I use, and how to get started. If you are still skeptical, check out my post here on Freebies I have scored over the years.

Before You Get Started:

Before you jump right in with both feet, there are something you need to know and do to stay safe and maximize the amount of stuff you get.

  • Start a free email address with Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail that is specifically for your free stuff or surveys. This keeps the junk level of your regular email address at a minimum and a designated place for your deals
  • Never Pay. Never enter your credit card info. True free samples and product testing will never ask you for this information.
  • Only use verified sites. I can’t stress this enough. Brands and companies you know, if you don’t know them, do some digging. If you can’t find any info on them, don’t use them.
  • Use your real info. Name, address. That’s how they send you your free stuff, which is why it is super important to only use real, verified sites.
  • Answer pre and post surveys truthfully and don’t rush through them. They will not ask you to do another if you are rushing through and half answering. I promise, its worth it though.
  • Check your favorite companies websites. Sign up for their newsletters and any opportunity to take surveys for them. I took 3 surveys for Keurig before they asked me to be part of their Brew research. I GOT A FREE KEURIG. No joke!

Now, the fun stuff. Here are all of the wonderful places I love to score Legitimate freebies

Legitimate Freebies

Freebie Box From Gratsy

Free Products and Samples

Keurig: Sign up for an account on their website. Fully fill out your profile and make sure you check any boxes that ask if you will participate in product testing or surveys. I took 3 surveys and was then shipped a brand new Keurig, and a nice one at that! It will not happen that way for everyone, but if there is a chance it might, you want in on this one!

Tabaco companies: Register on these sites and make sure you sign up for their deals, coupons etc. They send freebies on your birthday, as well as tons of other opportunities to score free stuff.
Black and Mild

McCormick: McCormick sends you surveys from time to time, with the chance to product test for them. Create an account and watch your emails for surveys.

Vitafusion: Create an account on their website. Check the boxes for products you are interested in, this is how they decide what they can send you. Once you are signed up and have confirmed your email address, they will send you emails to take surveys. These are qualifying to see if you fit their criteria to receive free products to test.

Imagination Library: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends a free book to each kid every month. Click on the link to see if you are in an area where this is available! My kids have both received books from this program.

My Free Product Samples: This is the page that started it all for me. They have samples listed by categories. When I am bored, I go onto their site and sign up for any that look good to me. Its fun getting random freebies in the mail!

Baby Freebies:

Freebie Facebook Pages To Follow

Just follow these pages and watch for freebies they post!


Freebie Guy

Freebie Shark

Free Stuff Finder

Julie’s Freebies

Freebie Boxes


Monthly box of freebies. Second Tuesday of every months, you will have to log onto their website to see if you qualify for any samples. If you do, you fill your box with what you want and what is available and they send it to you, free of charge. They also have bonus freebies from time to time (they will email you when these are available). Make sure you go back after you get your box and fill out your surveys, they are short and basically just ask you how you liked your samples. Pinchme has got a little spammy over the years so watch out and make sure you click no on the “earn free money” and “Free gift card” boxes that are now all over their site.

Sample Source:

This is a seasonal sample box. Register for an account on their website and watch your email. When boxes are going to be available, they will email you to let you know. These ones are very nice. You get 6-8 samples per box!


Sign up for an account on sampler and take the initial surveys. They basically just ask you what products you like and use, this helps them know what products to send you. They will send you an email once they have a box for you. These boxes are always stuffed full of goodies!


Gratsy is so easy to sign up for. Once you are on their website click the “Join Gratsy Today” button. This will take you to Facebook messenger, which is how they sign you up. Their automated messaging will ask you all the questions they need to sign you up and get you qualified for your first box.

Product Testing

Smiley 360:

Sign up for an account and fill out your profile. Once that is completed, go to your dashboard and check out your offers. Take the initial surveys to see if you qualify for their offers. If you do, they will email you letting you know that you are in.

The Insiders:

Sign up for an account and fill out your profile. Then, go to the campaign tab on their website. This is where all of the open campaigns are. Subscribe to any of them that you like. They will email you if you qualify for it. This one is so fun. I have earned real product coupons for free products, as well as been reimbursed for buying products.

Moms Meet:

This is product testing for moms, Preferably moms with friends. Once you are signed up and your profile is filled out, you apply for sampling opportunities. If you are selected, you are sent multiple products to try and to share with friends. A lot of these are asking that you have them all over at the same time and get their opinions. I did one of these. I was sent a few products and gave them out to my friends. They gave me their opinion and I added it to my campaign. It was quite a bit of work, but If you like sharing these opportunities with your friends, this is for you.


Crwodtap is a mix of surveys and sampling. Sign up for an account and then complete surveys to earn points. Points can be cashed out. Some surveys qualify you for a sampling opportunity.

BzzAgent Freebie box
Freebies scored from BzzAgent Kroger campaign. Some were mailed in the box, others I received at kroger with coupons

BzzAgent has changed a lot over the years. When I started with it, it was super easy to get testing opportunities. Now, it seems a little more difficult. You used to be able to apply to try from their website. Now, they send you campaigns that you qualify for based off your profile. So make sure you sign up and fill out your profile completely. This is super rewarding if you can qualify. I have gotten so many amazing things through them.


Ripplestreet is the company name, but once you sign up on their site, you will get chatterbox sampling opportunities. These are boxes of products (that you have to qualify for) that they send you to test out and then review. I have received bags of dog and cat food as well as some really nice snack boxes.


I LOVE Influsenster. This company gives you the opportunity to try name brand products. I just tested some EXPENSIVE shampoo and conditioner, absolutely free. Sign up on their website, build your profile and apply to try any that look good to you. You can also post reviews for other products you love. This builds your status and makes it easier to get into different campaigns.

Home testers club:

This one is super easy. Sign up and create a profile. Once you are ready, go to the “Test” tab. Apply for any product that sounds appealing to you. This will be a quick survey to see if you qualify. They will email you if you are in!

Social nature:

Social Nature is a product testing site for more natural items. Its super fun. Through this site I have scored impossible burger patties, drinks, and plant growing kits. Sign up and then apply to try!

Free Magazine Subscriptions

Reward Survey: Free magazine subscriptions in exchange for a quick survey. These are legit. I used to do them all the time. You do Surveys and earn reward points that you can use to buy your subscription. The magazine companies NEVER ask you for credit card info or to pay. I am still getting some of these, years later.

Mercury Magazines: Free magazine subscriptions in exchange for a quick survey. Same thing as above. You earn points by doing quick surveys and get magazine subscriptions absolutely free. This one asks for your business information, you can just put your personal info and still get them.

Looking for Another way to make a little extra money? Surveys are a good side hustle, and can be done in your spare time! Check out my list of Legitimate Survey Sites!

Legitimate Freebies

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