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Stick Vacuum Review

Toppin Stick Vacuum

If you are in the market for a stick vacuum, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then you may want to read this review.

Let me start by saying, I have a toddler, an 8 year old, two cats, a dog and a husband in my house. We just recently pulled up all of our carpet and put down luxury vinyl flooring. As much as I was wanting to ditch the upright vacuum, I ended up keeping it so that I could vacuum the endless crumbs that my toddler leaves behind. But I also had to sweep with a broom as well as use a dry mop to pick up hair. My “low maintenance” flooring still had me doing a lot of work to keep it swept up.

As much as I wanted a Crosswave, I HATE cleaning out compartments and brushes on carpet cleaners, and I didn’t like the idea of having my vacuum and mop in one thing. I started looking at Dysons. $300-$500? Does this vacuum on its own and wash the dishes when its done?

Look. I have a toddler. I can’t spend $500 on something she will likely get ahold of and break. So, i started looking at other options. Enter the Toppin Stick Vacuum cleaner. I found this vacuum on sale for $70. After reading the product guarantees and a few reviews, I was sold.

The low down on this stick vacuum

I bought this vacuum because $70 wasn’t a huge risk for me. If it works a few months and dies? Im not out a whole lot. PLUS, when I received this, it came with a card from the manufacturer for a $20 rebate! So, after the rebate, I paid about $50 for this!

This product came in with instructions stating that if something was wrong with the vacuum or if anything went wrong with it, they would help or replace if need be. A week after I got it, my toddler knocked it over and it wouldn’t turn on. Our fault. I contacted them and they walked me through getting it back on. Luckily, it did come back on, but if it hadn’t they would have replaced it!


  • Lightweight (my 8 year old can even use it)
  • Washable filter
  • 3 Different attachments (floor, and two upholstery)
  • Has a button to turn up the suction for hard to pick up dirt
  • Cannister empties easily
  • Comes with a hanger.
  • The battery comes out completely to charge OR you can leave it in and charge it all together
  • Every Piece of this thing comes apart (you know, for when your kid sucks up something large and clogs it)
  • If you need replacement parts, you can contact the company
  • The soft brush picks up all dirt, and doesn’t trap hair around it as easily as others
  • Suction is comparable to name brand vacuums
  • Vacuums low rugs and vinyl flooring


  • Does not stand well on its own. If you stop vacuuming, you need to prop it up or hang it in its hanger. (its top heavy)
  • Trigger gets stuck from time to time. Have to disconnect the battery and connect it again and its fine.
  • Would be nice to get other attachments for it

Final Thoughts

After the coupons and rebate, this vacuum is absolutely worth the price. It has went up and is around $99, but that does change from time to time and I would say that it is worth $100. If my family happens to break this one, I would definitely buy another for this price. I was able to use this vacuum to replace my broom, dry mop, and upright vacuum. This is an affordable option to the name brand stick vacuums. I would absolutely recommend, and buy this again!

Want to see it in action? Head over to my Tick Tock! @Flustercluckmamafinds

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