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Finding good fitting tops to hide belly fat is tricky. You want something that is going to cover it up, without being too flowy, or looking like a maternity shirt.

Lower belly fat is a problem most of us have to deal with at some point. Rather you have had kids or not, it still seems to creep up on us, and once it does, its hard to get rid of.

Now, I know that we should all embrace our bodies, and love them for what they are. But some of us still struggle with our confidence. So, it is best to do what you need to do, to make yourself feel good NOW.

If you are stuck somewhere in between wanting to loose it, working out and eating right, but still loving your body in the mean time, this list is for you.

Tips and Tricks To Find The Perfect Shirt

When looking for a shirt here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You want to avoid tight fitting
  • You want loose in the tummy area, but not anywhere else
  • Prints and dark colors hide more
  • Shirts with knots or ties in the bottom help
  • Shirts with a band at the bottom help you adjust the shirt to where you need it, helping you hide more
  • Buy only what makes you feel good!
  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money, buy basic tees and dress them up and down as much as you like!

Here are the tops that I found through trial and error that are going to hide that mom belly, and get your confidence back!

The Best Tops To Hide Belly Fat

For Your Reference:

I am 5’2 and about 135lbs with a mom tummy….or FUPA….whichever you prefer. Here are real pictures, so you have an idea of what -I- am working with. I understand that not everyone has the same body type as me, but I want to help those that do! Please also note, I have been working out for over 3 years now, this body may not be perfect, but I have come a long way, and still have my mom tum! Not only am I proud of how far I have come, I am embracing this body, while still dressing well enough to hide a little and feel confident, and so can you!


Maurices 24/7 Tops

Ever since Maurice’s has come out with their 24/7 line, I have been in love. These tops are soft, comfy, and tend to be forgiving in the tummy area. They are my go to when I need to add another top to my collection. They are constantly adding new tops, so I am not going to guarantee you that the below tops are still there, but these are a few of the ones I own (with me in them).

X-America Pocket Tee

This one is number #1 on my list for a reason. This is my personal favorite. I bought this in ever color they have. This hangs sort of loose in front, and is fitted everywhere else. It is cute by itself, or layered with a cardigan or flannel. This shirt really just does it all.

Long Sleeve Tunic Top

This is one of my go to tops in the fall/winter. The material is soft, stretchy, and somewhat light. I get hot easily, and this is the perfect thickness for me. I love pairing it with leggings and boots. The elastic band at the bottom helps position the top in the most flattering way.

Zip Up Top

This top was way better than I expected. I needed something a little on the dressier side for my business casual job. The fit is a little boxy, without hanging super loose all over. The crochet shoulders and zipper make this “dressy” but still feels like a comfy t-shirt. I paired this with a cute pair of dress pants and flats, and as you can tell in the pictures below, also wear it on the weekends with shorts or jeans.

Round Neck Tunics Top with Pockets

Going into winter makes it a little easier to hide belly fat. You have so many options with tunics, sweaters, and hoodies. These are actually a little lighter, so they are perfect for spring, Fall, and ever winter (if you are like me and get hot easily). They are that perfect cross between a tunic and your regular length shirt. They are also a cross between sweater material and t-shirt softness. These come in many different colors, and in long and short sleeve.

Short Sleeve Tunic Sweater

This shirt has an elastic band at the bottom. I use it to push the top up a little on my hips to create that little pocket to hide my belly. Best part is, IT STAYS IN PLACE!

Short Sleeve Knot Twist

Women’s Loose Knot Pullover

I love this tunic paired with leggings and boots in the winter. The knot in the front helps it to hang looser without being draped around you. It is a light sweater material, and super soft.

Women's Loose Knot Pullover

Off Shoulder Strappy Tee

Off Shoulder Strappy Tee

Off Shoulder Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Off Shoulder Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Cut Out Cold Shoulder Top

Cut Out Cold Shoulder Top

So, there you have it. The Best Tops To Hide Belly Fat.

If you guys are looking for Summer Tops That Hide Belly Fat, as well as some REAL life pictures of these tops in action, check out this post now!

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